Rehabilitation Packages

New Horizons offer a variety of rehabilitation packages for clients which can be self-funded or charity funded.

We recognise that people who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes may need counselling as well as additional rehabilitation services. They may need to make some significant lifestyle changes on their GP or consultants request. If a client has been ill and off work for a prolonged period of time, or has had to give us work all together due to their illness, they may need counselling, but may not be in a position to afford to pay for this themselves. New Horizons has secured charity funding for certain client groups so this service is free of charge or may be partially funded for some clients.

Clients who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness may be affected and may require different levels of support depending on the age and stage of life they are diagnosed with their illness. For example, a child with an illness is unlikely to need support with debt management, family planning or running a home and is more likely to need support with self-esteem, gaps in education and future preparation for adolescence or adulthood. Conversely, if the main earner in a family has been diagnosed with chronic illness they may benefit from support in debt management, planning for the future or safeguarding the interests of their family.

New Horizons offer bespoke multi disciplinary rehabilitation packages which can include counselling, physical rehabilitation and guidance from our dieticians. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.

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